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Unethical feelings

Some feelings that kill you,
Some feelings that are too bold,
Some feelings that make you fearless,
They are the unethical feelings.

Some feelings above all the customs,
Some feelings beyond this world,
Some feelings that are selfish for the happiness of this heart,
They are the unethical feelings.

Some feelings that are impossible to be expressed,
Some feelings, whose actions can beautifully mesmerize the heart & soul,
Some feelings that are eloquent yet reckless,
They are the unethical feelings.

Some feelings that are about us,
Some feelings that our minds try to hide,
Some feelings of you and I,
They are the unethical feelings.

Some feelings where my dreams are too loud,
Some feelings where my desires want to come out,
Some feelings of the war zone between you and I,
They are the unethical feelings.

Some feelings where each piece of me, wants a paradise,
Some feelings where your smile, leads me to ecstasy,
Some feelings that drive us crazy,
They are the unethical feelings.

Some feelings where the darkness turns into light,
Some feelings where the dullness turns into scintilla;
Some feelings of frisson that turns into bliss,
Some feelings of farrago where catharsis occurs;
Some feelings where we make love,
Some feelings where every pain is burnt;
Some feelings that are dangerous yet delightful,
Some feelings where the heart is on the sleeves,
Some feelings where pleasure takes over sadism,
They are the unethical feelings.

Some feelings of that touch,
Some feelings of talking with those eyes,
Some feelings that release us from the shackles;
Some feelings of that sweet escape,
Some feelings that cannot be caged,
Some feelings of freedom;
Yes, they are the unethical feelings,
The feelings that are lively,
The feelings where blues vanish,
The feelings of a joyful sordid,
The feelings of you & I,
The unethical feelings.

— Inderpreet Kaur


Like every morning at school,
Nothing I expected was new!
Entering the class 11th Commerce,
Busy managing my chorus;
A girl came to me with that contagious smile,
She was my classmate…
Requested to sit next to me,
And so,I agreed.

We accompanied each other for the assembly,
As time passed by, we became friends,
Laughter, guffaw and happiness surrounded us.

The extra tiffin with macaroni for me,
The motivation during my singing practices;
Her sketching always mesmerized me,
And, the songs we sang in the class, all day long.

The way she laughed and mocked at me,
For the guy who had a crush on me;
The collage competition, where I took away all her pictures,
And, the times we bitched and laughed at other people.

All her love made me survive at school,
Where things were turning pathetic at every move.

Our combined English classes,
Where we had to rush to the science section,
Just to bag those two seats together,
Sometimes, we achieved and other times we plead.

After school, when you pushed me to get along with you to your place;
And the times, I laughed at you for living nearby and still coming late.

Soon, we entered the last year of our school life,
I got the responsibility, as a Vice- Captain,
And, you’re excitement reached another altitude.

You keep on telling everyone,
‘She is my bestie & she belongs to me!’
The times, when your House- mistress misused you,
I used to laugh at you,
Saying, ‘You should be the Captain of that house!’
And, you made faces telling me to shut my mouth.

The trip to Scooter India,
And then, staying at your place for sometime;
The orange juice and Maggie, sharing our stories and smiles.

The times, I performed and my eyes were on you,
The only person with the loudest applauds in the school.

The first time, when I won a Hindi solo,
And, couldn’t believe my ears,
You shouted with excitement and hugged me,
Pushing me towards the stage.

Time relentlessly flies,
And, farewell was here for us to bid adieu.
So many pictures we captured,
Sharing the stories and the times we have enjoyed these two years!

One story that still make me laugh, was climbing the tree together,
Clicking pictures like a monkey and laughing at our stupidity.

Now, we have parted ways,
But, our bond has grown stronger each day, in these nine years;
Because even if, I forget your birthday every year and wishes you belatedly,
You hated me for that always,
But, you never forgot to wish me with a beautiful message all the way!

Less conversations and stories now,
Busy lives and running in this world to make a mark.

Still, we try to make our little moments special by our small conversations now,
Cherishing all the good and bad days, we have stayed together.

Thank you Riza that you always stayed,
My shining star!
And most importantly, Thank me for writing so eloquently!

I wish and hope, our bond and friendship stays intact forever,
And, I pray that where ever we go,
We make each other feel proud.

I Love You Ridxyz,
And, no one can call you with this name.

Much love to you…
Get my birthday gift soon.

—- Inderpreet

And, the love I never found…

And, the love I never found,
In the world full of thousand smiles,
Not even a single smile was meant for me.

And, the love I never found,
Because, even if I pour myself,
Nothing can please them to love me.

And, the love I never found,
Even if I open up like a book,
Nobody will ever read.

And, the love I never found,
Because, under those innumerable guffaws,
Nobody searched for the pain in me.

And, the love I never found,
Even if I light up someone’s day,
Nobody will revert it back to me.

And, the love I never found,
When each unuttered word is understood by me,
But, I still look for someone, in my needs.

And, the love I never found,
Maybe, will never find…
That one heart pouring all the care & love on me!

And, the love I never found,
Irrespective of the question I am,
Loving the flawed me!

Indeed, the love I never found,
And, I cannot see…

— Inderpreet


When I turn back and see,
Not even in my wildest dreams,
I thought, I can make a change.

When I was alone and lacunae,
Just a distorted being.

The times, when I got hatred,
But, found love at home.

Kept on searching for my sweet escape,
My ecstasy or a darkened hole,
Where I could drown or fade in.

The times, I knew nobody will understand,
When they laughed, mocked and took me as a joke;
My cries and screams were hidden inside me.
I prayed, the sea should soak me in.

When I needed some mates and companions,
Nobody ever held my hand,
Surviving on my own, without any plan.

And now, the times have taken a turn,
Yes, I’m still lonely,
But, recklessly relentless now!

Proudly standing on my own,
Learned to love myself unconditionally.

I’m glad, I became a reason for someone’s smile,
Helping them with my share of lessons and stories,
Luckily, I didn’t escape life.

Even now, these times feel like a dream,
I’m still evolving as a better human being.

I always thank Lord,
For making me stronger and brave,
With all the strives,
I have successfully crossed.

And, here I am now with just a thought,
I hope before I sleep in my grave;
Change and make some lives better,
Before my final escape.

—- Inderpreet

The Last Letter To My Lover

Dear Love,
I know, I can’t imagine my life without you. And, I love you so much, I cant express it in words.
But, I have promises to keep.
So, I am taking some more time from you. Because, I can’t keep ‘US’ unfinished and undone. When we both are left with so much still to be said and done.
I thought, I will call you and tell you that we are not together anymore. But, I couldn’t gather the courage to say this lie to you.
Because, I can’t break up with you but, I can break myself for you. You means the world to me!!
I am writing this to you, before those bullets paint my chest in red;
Before I’ll be wrapped in the country flag, I want to tell you, I have lived and felt it all with you…
And maybe, not in this world but, I’ll be waiting for you in the heavens.
When you’ll be in that white dress.
And, I’ll listen to the same voice that is a melodious rendition to my ears;
That fragrance incomparable to any flower in this world;
That smile brighter than the sunshine;
Those eyes where I’ve always loved drowning deep.
Each and everything that is so pious and sweet…
Now, before I close my eyes, I want to tell you that “I Love You so much” and I cannot define it in words because, they are so less.
But, one thing, I’m so lucky that, I met an angel in this life.
Thank you for giving me all of you. Because, the time you’ll read it, I’ll be forever gone.
Lots of love and best wishes to the bravest beauty on earth.

Yours forever,
Jolly-good fellow.

The Likeness that never turned into Love.

How ironical it is, if I ask!
Can you see, what’s hidden under that smile?
What’s behind those shining eyes?
What’s the mystery behind those raptures?
What’s behind all the craziness, that seems endless?

I tell you, its melancholy.
Because, your likeness never turned into love.
And, my heart kept on waiting for that day.

Did you ever try to listen to those heartbeats?
The ones, when you held my hand!
Did you ever feel the bliss in the soul?
The one, when you kissed me all night long!
Do you understand, I am still haunted with a voice,
The one, that recites stories from your childhood.
And, your therapies do not work to heal me.
Do you feel that time should have stopped in that dark room,
Where our bodies mend each other, in times of solace.

But, No honey, No!
Even after all that, you left me, all on my own.
Because, your likeness never turned into love.
And, my soul kept on waiting for that day.

Do you know, why I promised to stay that long,
Because, each memory with you is all I have, to cherish now.
The memory, when those hands were on my cheeks.
The dim lights, where I could see the paradise,
For, I could feel your skin,
And, the way you smiled and pampered me like a kid.

But baby, nothing mattered for you in this game.
And see, I am left alone in pain.
Because, your likeness never turned into love.
And, my heart & soul still wait for you to stay.

With you, I am glad, I ditched time.
When you kissed me and no one could find.
That mark is still there like a souvenir on me.
It’s painted in the color, Red.
But, did not bleed.

And, I will wait for you always.
That someday you will understand.
When your likeness will turn into love.
And, I am waiting for that day.

— Inderpreet Kaur


Surviving isn’t easy,
Surviving is like fighting;
Fighting not just from the world,
But, fighting with the demons hidden in you.

Surviving isn’t hard,
But, surviving needs courage.
Courage to stand tall against all odds,
Courage to get up, when life knocks you down.

Surviving isn’t for the faint hearted,
Surviving is for the warrior in you.
Surviving needs patience;
Patience to fail before you succeed,
Patience to learn from your Achilles heel.

Surviving creates an incessant, full of hopes,
Surviving transformed a lost one into a powerful soul;
Surviving is the determination to win, in the war zone.

Surviving creates a soldier fighting in the battle with grins,
Because, optimism is the sword donned to win.

Surviving is the spirit that keeps thy soul thankful,
Surviving makes a person stronger day by day.

Surviving is the reason, you decide not to relinquish.

And, yes!
I know we all have survived,
Applauds to all, for standing tall in the fight.

Because, we have survived in our own ways,
Fought with grit and gumption in times of hades.

Indeed, I have survived,
And, you have survived too!
In the journey of life, lived like a plucky soldier,
Not ready to give up so soon.

So, be proud of yourself.
Because, you have survived!

Keep the fire alive within you,
And, burn bright.

Fight bravely and live your life.

—Inderpreet Kaur